Top 5 non-coding Tech jobs of 2024

Top 5 non-coding Tech jobs of 2024 : Many times we hear people tell us about jobs where you don’t have to do programming. or become a software engineer or developer, but still, we have to stay in tech because there is money in tech. status and everyone stays in AC you get good food, there’s a quality of life and if technology is the future, we want to stay in it.

Top 5 non-coding Tech jobs of 2024

But then, sometimes we are afraid of engineering and development. but still want to stay in tech, what did I do today? I researched a lot in various roles. I made a list, so let’s talk about five significant roles. But within those five roles, many jobs are there; I only kept them, whose demand is increasing. If there is any scam around them, like web3 developers, I never keep them because there is no need for a developer in them; it is time-pass, and there are many such that we have removed.

Top 5 non-coding Tech jobs of 2024
Top 5 Non-coding Tech jobs of 2024

We thought, whatever has good demand The second is the entry of a fresher. The third should be a career ladder. Not that after the first job, the salary doesn’t increase. There is no growth. There is no learning, and based on these three criteria, we will keep different roles and understand which role is good for us.


The first role we will talk about is the administrator. There are many roles within the administrator role, but we will talk about three roles Network administrator, second database administrator, and third system administrator.

What does it mean? First, what do they do? So in most tech companies, like I was in Cypress Semiconductor, which was a semiconductor tech company, they had their own data center There are many servers in the data center. All the servers that are there stay connected through a network, and there are many locations. and all locations are also connected to each other And these servers have data stored in them, so sometimes database is also used, so first you understand that the employee works Not just working on his laptop.

He has been given a machine. in semiconductors, the semiconductor’s rendering is needed to be done Many times. There’s code, so to run it, To compile, you get a machine for running it Many servers that use your internal design, rendering, etc. you get a machine for running it, so many servers exist that are used for internal design, rendering, etc. So now you know what administrators does, they take care of everything like a shepard takes care of cows they take care of the network and server, and its fascinating too, and they don’t just take care of new capacity.

A lot of work is done in the upgrade. Why do we need it? Because so much work is there in today’s era all is moving to tech, on servers, databases, and networks, so someone is needed to install, upgrade, and run it.

The third thing we will talk about In this role, very little coding is needed, but there should be an understanding of servers and networks. similarly, a lot of server network understanding, data base understanding, and DBA understanding How is clustering done? How is the duplication done? How are HA systems, meaning high-available systems, designed? You may not understand what I’m saying, but you should know these things, and there should be a good understanding of how it works.

To test this understanding, there are many certifications CompTIA’s certification is there CCNA’s certification is there REDHAT’s certification is there In database, Microsoft’s or Oracle’s certification is there So through certification, you can prove your quality The fourth point is, if there’s any career ladder in this means, if I go in a job, then is there more to learn? And because I will learn, will my income increase as well? yes, you start as a normal network operation center After that, you move on to be an administrator, then senior, and then you choose a route for yourself, like database, which, for instance, means I am expert on oracle database only Cisco network Cisco switches or I’m an expert on such servers There are many things. Here, you can create a long streak of your career.


The second role is that of a manager, and within the manager’s role, there are three things. One is product manager which is in the talks right now, second is program manager 3rd is a project manager.

Now, some people might have felt the chill after hearing the manager. They might have thought, I want to become a manager The only goal in life is to become a manager, but folks, let me pop the bubble because only saying manager doesn’t make anyone report to you In these three roles, you are called a manager of the program or the project. But a person doesn’t report to you. Instead, you have to manage people by asking them to work, which is the need of the user. There is a need for a user, they determine what will be made in it, when it will be made, how delivery will be.

A lot of things are there, and why is it necessary which is the second criterioa. Because developers are a bit how should I say, fools They are a bit of the type who says, “Tell us what to code and step aside, we will code it But ask us to talk to the user, talk to the existing client, ask us what will happen in the next month? What will not happen? When will the delivery be so that something will come out?” That’s how developers are, so they are kept in a safe environment they are like an endangered species So you shouldn’t feel trouble To talk with a client, we will keep a product, program manager To tell the delivery timelines, we’ll keep project manager To cut your work and be told to you as well, a program manager will be there and they will ask you calmly.

“that work that was needed to be done, is it done?” so that’s why it is in demand because these people ensure that the company’s business runs smoothly, things are delivered correctly Whether the client is happy or the user is happy.

now 3rd criteria, what do we need to learn Manegorial skills are obviously needed, again don’t misunderstand manager with boss project management skills are very much in demand you also need understanding of data, and there is a certification in this which is called PMP, which is very famous, Project management Proficiency Certificate By doing this also people land a 5LPA job if you keep your communication well means that you are able to speak hindi english and write english, and communication doesn’t only mean language communication is give and take How to get work done from someone.

How to explain something to someone. If there is a delay, how to explain why it is happening. You need to know all these, and the fourth criteria which is that is there a career ladder? I will tell you that career ladder is good here too. As you grow you learn a lot of things people become VP of product, project or program and some places they even become CPO, meaning Chief Product Officer, project manager, program manager, and product manager People change their fields in between them, its quite a good career I know a few people who enjoy in this field and they are making good money also in it so there is no problem here that there is no money here or that there will be no learning as much as you grab more high stakes meaning better projects and clients and you grab more complicated projects, the more your skill will increase, and along with that, the salary will increase.


How good it feels to hear the analyst! It feels so lovely. There are two types of roles in this too: the role of a business analyst and the role of a data analyst. What does a business analyst do? They say business has to run with help of technology. It has to run from people too, and for that, the process is also necessary, so how to run them by documenting what is necessary for them What the IT team is making, and all they do, also needs to be documented What had I said earlier? that the coders are endangered species, tell them to go, understand business, and make a product for that They say this can’t happen, so business analyst help with that, This is the internal requirement of businesses Convert it, make an IT product from it—what do data analysts do?

what do data analysts do? Companies have a ton of data Nowadays, data is the new oil, but like oil, this work is also a lot, and who does the extraction work? data analyst, So the first criteria is done; the second criteria is, are they in demand? Yes, there’s a lot of demand. Why? Because nobody wants to scratch their heads with engineers. So, business analysts do their work. Second, there is so much data; what can you understand in it?

No, but in this only I add a chart here and a table there It’s magic, it’s magic so this magic only the data analysts do they say, We will remove actionable insights from this data and report to you if the business is doing good or bad So, demand for both of them—demand for analysts—is very high.

The third criterion is learning, so for the data analyst, we have said in detail that understanding of excel, sql and visualization tools should be very good Similarly, you should have understanding of processes and communication and in both, you should know presentation as well because you are a stake holder, meaning whoever is working with you will be talking often with you The fourth criterion is: are there career ladders in such roles? Yes, it’s a very good career ladder. Good money is made. There is also a lot of growth.

If you keep learning, and in this too, as you handle better pieces, A team is assigned under you they start reporting to you You become seniors then managers and then go upto VP as well In today’s time, there is a lot of demand for both data and business. And for good career progression, there are many shift from business analyst to product manager data analyst shifts to Data science So they have a lot of role conversion, and this is a good long-term career.

Technical writer

I got interested in this because I noticed that whether it is Google or Microsoft in big companies, technical writers are given the same respect and salary as software engineers. This is a fascinating thing. Why so? because their work is also to understand two domains and make one product What do technical writers do? Technical writers are like, developers have created a product; they have written an API.

Now what is written in that API has to be explained to someone, which is very difficult, You notice how many problems a developer causes in the system They say, we will not do this document go away for that. A technical writer is kept They say, that API you wrote, explain to me I will execute it in this way So the external user or external stakeholder is there, even they can understand what is happening, That’s very important Everyone releases many APIs so that you can use their products as per your requirements.

But if you don’t understand what the product is, then how will you use it? for example, let’s take strike or razorpay They are an entire API company They are an entire API company; their own products are less, but the API is a lot. And if you don’t understand the API, how will you use it? It’s still a big deal. So, if you have technical understanding, If you don’t think tech is scary and your English is good, I’ll tell you again. not just language, if your communication is good. If you’re good at both, you can become a very good technical writer.

The fourth criterion is: is there a career ladder here? As I said in the beginning, I was only interested in this field due to the fact that all companies, even if a small start-up comes up, hire a technical writer. In big companies, there are a lot of technical writers. So what I understood is that there is a good career ladder here. It can be a very good role for you.

Cloud computing

The fifth role is the most lovely, the best role, and I think I have saved it for you as the most promising role, not the fifth. it’s rank one Cloud computing, you will say, cloud computing? So I’ll tell you what happens in this We have a business. We have a business, and business is a tech business. Now, what are we feeling? Why keep all data on our own server? why spread our network? Amazon has put so many server farms Google has put so many server farms So why not cultivate in those farms when using the cloud? Save costs because there are many things.

When you buy a server, it needs money. A server rack is installed on top of it. The network isn’t like Jio; give me wifi or hotspot No. You have to take a leased line. Airtel has a leased line Then you have to buy a router for it. The router has to be installed. After that, the data center is installed. The data center has AC. Security Network Security is needed, then back up, then maintenance A DBA is needed A server administrator is needed, A network administrator is needed So, what do you think? a lot of spending. If you are doing everything inside your home to start a company, so you say, on premise, we won’t do that.

We will create the whole thing on the cloud, and who will take you to the cloud? A cloud engineer will take you so if your developers make an app and they need anything from the server database, cloud engineer will configure everything and give The second criteria is: is there demand for this? There is a lot of demand for this. Why? Because in today’s world, any tech company would invest so much.

they do, big companies do, but they do it after some time, You look at dropbox or Netflix; they started as a cloud computing company And slowly they started getting their own data center So every tech company does this, that is why there is a lot of demand 3rd criteria: can freshmen get in? yes, in this also a lot of certification is there Azure has its own, AWS has its own GCP has its own, No one asks but there is Google.

So major, AWS is winner, Azure is 2nd GCP is a distant 3rd But by doing certification and understanding cloud Not just by certification but by understanding the system, you can get in this The fourth criteria is: is there a career ladder in this? yes, there’s a lovely career ladder, You start with cloud computing you can get into devops, SRE, or stay in cloud There are a lot of fields, you can be a senior or a manager, you can manage cloud infrastructure for big companies, and there is a lot of money. Again, from small to big companies, you need someone to manage cloud In fact, I saw this in Microsoft myself;

we have Azure, right? still in our team, like we had a team for microsoft teams or outlook, there were dedicated SRE Inside microsoft for the teams product they were managing cloud so in every company, whether it is a small company or a big company, whether they have their own product or not, a cloud manager is needed That’s why good demand and good career graph are there without coding knowledge, Here you don’t need much coding knowledge there are small scripts to learn which you learn in good time

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