CBO raises 2024 federal budget deficit projection by $400 billion

WASHINGTON — The Congressional Budget Office said Tuesday that it projects this year’s federal budget deficit to be $400 billion higher, a 27% increase compared to its original estimate released in February. The major drivers of the change include: higher costs from the supplemental spending package signed in April that provides military aid to Ukraine and Israel; higher … Read more

Gen X stands to gain the most wealth from the $84 trillion wealth transfer

Generation X may be the biggest beneficiary from the $84 trillion Great Wealth Transfer in the next 10 years, according to a new study. While millennials and members of Generation Z are expecting the biggest inheritances in the coming years as baby boomers pass down their fortunes, Gen Xers will likely get the largest windfalls in the near term. According to … Read more

“BTS Meaning”: A Name Steeped in Symbolism

"BTS Meaning": A Name Steeped in Symbolism

BTS. These three letters have become synonymous with global music domination, captivating audiences worldwide with their infectious energy and heartfelt messages. But for fans, fondly known as ARMY, the “BTS meaning“ goes beyond catchy initials. It’s a powerful symbol woven into the very fabric of the group’s identity. Unveiling the Layers of “BTS Meaning” Originally, … Read more